Wow! I cannot believe how quickly this day came. Today we traveled a mere 113km (63.3km by car) from Vancouver to Victoria. I suppose you can call this a re-positioning drive for the big kickoff to Day 1. As you can see in the photos, we both decided to wear blue polo shirts. Trust me, this was merely a crazy coincidence since it’s hard enough for the two of to coordinate with each other! Case in point, Mark snuck off to take some nice shots from the ferry and 30 minutes later, the announcement came for drivers to return to their vehicles, but I couldn’t find him and the phone reception was out. I ended up going to the Chieftain cabin to track him down! Fortunately, I did manage to call him once we were docked and thankfully didn’t have to keep anyone waiting. A bit of drama already and we are not even through Day 1, let alone another 22 more days!

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